Call for Workshops

AI 2021 will host a few workshops focusing on discussing contemporary topics in Artificial Intelligence. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with a selected focus — providing an informal setting for active exchange among researchers, developers and users on topics of current interest in AI research. AI 2021 is planned to take place in Sydney, with additional options for attending virtually. Further details on the attendance options will be provided in upcoming calls, as they depend on the pandemic situation.

Submission Requirements for Workshop Proposals

      ●   Title and aim of the workshop.
●   Call for contributions, containing a brief introduction and list of relevant topic areas.
      ●   A preliminary workshop format and a proposed schedule for organizing the workshop, including desired length for the workshop (0.5-day, 1-day, 1.5-day or 2-day). Please indicate if you intend to have any activities other than contributed talks (e.g., invited talks, panels, or posters).
      ●   Willingness of online workshop organization.
      ●   Brief CVs of organizing committee members.
      ●   If available, a list of potential speakers including their brief resumes.
      ●   Note that papers or abstracts accepted at a workshop will not be published in the AI 2021 main proceedings. Please indicate if you seek an independent publication option such as a post-event special issue in a journal.
      ●   Submit your workshop proposal per email to the AI 2021 Workshop Co-Chairs by the deadline 1 September 2021.

AI 2021 Workshop Co-Chairs:

      ●   Lina Yao (, The University of New South Wales, Australia
      ●   Marcus Hutter (, DeepMind, London, UK
      ●   Stephan Chalup (, The University of Newcastle, Australia

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